RSEC-Volunteers 2017:
Name Photo Description
Daniel Towers Daniel Towers Hello, I’m Daniel Towers (23 years old). I study nature conservation and landscape planning at the Hochschule Anhalt, Bernburg, Germany. When the opportunity came up to go to Egypt and learn about reef ecology as a university course and get diving experience with RSEC at the same time, I considered this a very good upgrade of my studies. Most of my time I usually spend birdwatching but I also have interest for anything that has to do with ecology. So getting to know the very exciting underwater world and the Birds of Dahab at the same time is the perfect experience for me.
The diving gets more fun from dive to dive and one finds new things with every dive. This motivates me every time again to squeeze into my neoprene and embrace the cold of the water.
Anna Werner Anna Werner As a conservation student in the 5th semester, I've got the opportunity to obsolve reef ecology as a compulsory elective module. My interest is the aquatic symbiosis, so I am studying the anemone fish as part of a student project at RSEC (Red Sea Environmental Center). Here in Dahab / Egypt the underwater world is still largely intact and I am very proud to be able to learn the method of Reef Check Survey.The diving and the paradisical environment in Egypt makes the trip to a special experience you can’t miss.
Janina Schirach Janina Schirach Hi, my Name is Janina. I´m 21 years old and I´m studying at the University of Anhalt “Nature conservation and Landscape planning”. In Dahab there is an academy “RSEC” which teach us some important facts about fishes and corals. I´m particular interested in the Butterflyfishes. That’s why I´m studying the behavior of this family with a fellow student. At the dives, we get to know many interesting things about the fishes and the reefs in and around Dahab. We´re diving in many different reefs, so we can see the uniqueness and the diversity of them.
Nina Milton teach us some facts about Reef check, and do some practice underwater.  We became a Reef Check EcoDiver, so we could protect the reefs in the future and do monitorings with an instructor.
Most of the time is over, but I´m happy about the two upcoming weeks.
Michael Seifert Michael Seifert

Hi, I am Michael, 26 years old. I study nature conservation and landscape planning in the 3. Semester at  Hochschule Anhalt Bernburg. When I heard about the Reef Ecology modul for 6 weeks in Dahab by RSEC at the Sinai Divers I signed up right away. I am very interested in marine ecology and this is a great chance to make new experiences at one of the biggest, most exciting and diverse ecosystems of the world.

The people in our Group, the Team of RSEC and Sinai Diver Backpackers are great. They are all very pleasant and fun-loving people. We all feel very comfortable at the dive center and Dahab feels like a second home by now. We get better and better with every dive.  It is a lot of fun and very exciting to get in and discover this big lively world full of living organisms. There is much to be discovered!
Ludwig Brust Ludwig Brust Hi, I’m Ludwig. I study „Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung“ at Hochschule Anhalt in Bernburg, Germany in third semester. I got the opportunity to study reefs and marine ecosystems through the module „Riffökologie“ at my university. Since I had not been diving previously I first made my Padi open water diver. First I learned about groups of species of coralls, fish and others. After I aquired basic knowledge about reef monitoring via reef check I now examnine the feeding and territorial behaviour of parrotfish.
Johanna Knispel Johanna Knispel Hello, I am Johanna and I am studying „Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung“ („Nature conservation and Landscape planning“) at Hochschule Anhalt in Germany in the third semester. Me and my fellow students got the chance to do the course „Reef ecology“ and to spend our holidays here in Dahab. During the last weeks I got my open-water diving license and learned a lot about the Reef and the organisms. On the days off, we spend some time visiting nice places around Dahab like the oasis „Wadi Gunai“. Within the next dives, I will study the behaviour of the parrotfish. Even though there are only two weeks left, I am really looking forward to the rest of the time here and will definatly come back one day.
Jessica Bornstedt Jessica Bornstedt Hey, my name is Jessi and I study "nature conversation and landscape planning" at the University of Anhalt. Last year I also wanted to join the winteracedmy of RSEC but I had to finish a study project at this time. So I'm happy that it worked out this year and the schedule is also accepted as my elective subject for university. We're in Dahab for four weeks now and have two more exciting weeks to go. The impressions we had experienced were beyond description. The coral reefs are highly diverse and day by day we're get to know new species. But also our Bedouin Camp at Ras Mohamed Nationalpark, the night dive for the advanced course or our boat trip dives were amazing. Furthermore we were able to learn new important reef indicators for "Reef Check" through our instructor Nina Milton. The next two weeks we will do our study project and observe the behavior of different fishes. Me and a fellow student will study the butterflyfishes and hopefully get some interesting facts about the species. I really looking forward for the upcoming weeks and be eagerly interested what else we could expect from the next days. 
Schukufeh Memari-Nejad Schukufeh Memari-Nejad Moin i am Schukufeh! I'm spending 6 weeks in Dahab and after the first days i already knew that i don't want to go back to cold old germany. In my real life when i am not in paradise i am studying to become a teacher. Instead of spending 6 weeks in a laboratory i wanted to see the world. RSEC and Dahab are the perfect solution. I already got my diving licence at my home university in Kiel so that i could do my advanced open water diver here in Dahab. The combination of adventure and science persuaded me to come back and write my masterthesis here. Whatever future brings. I will come back – Dahab be ready!;)
Lucas Jäger Lucas Jäger Hello, I'm Lucas and I study biology. Since my first dives in Indonesia I was very fascinated by the underwater world. That's the reason why I decided to do this internship. Furthermore to learn more about vertebrates and invertebrates to prepare myself for the master in marine biology. Since the first days I’ve felt really welcomed by the RSEC and the Sinai Diver Backpackers Team. For sure I will come back to this beautiful place.