RSEC-Volunteers 2016:
Name Photo Description
Saskia Stannelle Saskia Stannelle

My name is Saskia and I was born and raised in Germany (Berlin). Just recently I started University in Kiel to become an oceanographer. But even before that I was always very much into nature and the life within. I have been traveling around the world a bit and always wondered how to put together my interest and the need to make money for living so this is my solution for it so far. The Dahab reef monitoring project run by Nina is one big step into the right direction. I have learned so much about the sea already, but also about the culture of Egypt. I’m so much more aware of how important it is what a single person does and what impact it will have on our planet.

Nico Güdel Nico Güdel

Hy, my name is Nico, I‘m 23 years old and studying Sports & Geography at the University of Basel. I‘m a passionate diver so I decided to become a Dive Master a couple of years ago. I like the sea, the corals and the marine life - for me they are something special and fascinating. Thats why I will spend the next two months in Dahab, joining the „Dahab Reef Monitoring Project II“ from the RSEC. It will be a good experience for me to work with the RSEC to learn more about the marine life in the Red Sea. Besides the Project, I‘m sure that I will learn a lot of interesting things about the underwater world which will improve my biological skills as a Dive Master.

Rosan Rongen Rosan Rongen Hi everyone, I am Rosan from the Netherlands and always liked the water. When I was young I loved the sea already, only just for swimming and relaxing. When I got older, I went to Utrecht University where I started to study Biology. In my second year I got the chance to get my PADI open water certificate together with other biology students of the biologist student association. From that moment there was a new world for me, the underwater world. The feeling that you fly, the sound of water, and all the organisms you can see when you hanging there: that is an amazing feeling! I did a lot of aquatic and marine courses in biology from then on. The last part of my bachelor biology will be here at Dahab, my bachelor thesis. Beside reading and writing I will also do my own practical project. This project is about a horn drupe (Drupella cornus ) , which is feeding on hard coral. So, this will be a really nice experience. My love for water and their organisms will only grow. 
Philipp Sieren Philipp Sieren Hello my name is Philipp. I am 25 years old and studying environmental biology at Trier University. During one trip to Mexico, I had some first experiences in snorkeling and I was fascinated by the underwater world. since that time I was always interested in the marine ecosystem. When a friend of mine told me about the project of RSEC I was instantly impressed and wanted to participate in the Dahab Reef Monitoring Project, as it offers a beautiful possibility to combine my studies with the fascination for the sea.
Also, I got the possibility to do my PADI Open Water Dive Course , Which allows me dive everywhere to experience the unique world of the sea.
David Eider David Eider Hello everyone, my name is David Eider, I´m 22 and I study environmental biology at the University of Trier. My first dive was in Mexico as I was 16. After the first dive, I knew, I found a new passion. So I dived in Australia and Thailand as well where I did my PADI Open Water. A fellow student, who did the Dahab Reef Monitoring last year, told me about it and I immediately applied for it. I´ll write my bachelor thesis here as well about increased occurrence of algae (especially in the past two years). After the bachelor I´m looking forward to study marine biology.
I´m excited about the coming 7 weeks full of diving, engaging for the coral reefs and spending time with the other volunteers.
Anna Schumacher Anna Schumacher I am Anna, 26 yeas old, and I study in my first master semester Conservation and Landscape Planning in Bernburg at the Hochschule Anhalt. I attend the winter academy at RSEC in Dahab because it counts as the elective course „Applied Reef Ecology“ at my University.
I have always been interested in marine ecology. I attend this academy, to see the wonderful and globally important ecosystem of the coral reefs with my own eyes and to find out more about them.
So far I enjoy my stay in Dahabvery much. The diving is exciting, we learn a lot of fascinating things about the reef and its inhabitants, the people here are very nice and the weather is fantastic!
Veronika Eicher Veronika Eicher Hello, my name is Veronika, I am 25 years old and I have been in Dahab for over two weeks now. I study nature conservation and landscape planning at the Hochschule Anhalt in Germany and I am attending the winter academy in Dahab for five weeks as the only snorkeler in the group.  The diversity on the reef flat is very high and I am still busy with learning the different fish species of the red sea. I have the opportunity to do a student project here as well as to learn the implementation of the reef check monitoring. In my project I am observing the Bluestreak cleaner wrasses at their cleaning stations. Coming to Dahab to learn more about the world under water was a great decision and I am looking forward for the following weeks to get some interesting results for my project.
Rebecca Pilz Rebecca Pilz Hello, my name is Rebecca and I’m studying at the University Anhalt „nature conservation and landscape planning“. The winter academy in Dahab is part of my studies and is giving me the opportunity to get experience in scientific research of marine ecosystems. I first got excited in the underwater life during snorkeling in Croatia. Since then I got the dream of seeing real coral reefs and the fish diversity with my own eyes. I fulfilled this dream by being in Dahab now!
In the first week I finished my open water diver course and I’m learning more about the diversity of the coral reefs with every dive. In the next time I’ll do a reef-check-project about the fish families and their indicator species.
Maximilian Simnacher Maximilian Simnacher Hey, I’m Maxi. I’m attending the winter academy of the RSEC as part of my master studies. Normally I’m studying „nature conservation and landscape planning“, but I already got my diver license in Germany and wanted to experience the fascinating underwater world in person.
It really fits into my studies, because we’re talking about the conservation of coral reefs too. Additionally it shows a different aspect of conservational work, because of the (for Germans) untypical ecosystem.
The first weeks were really demanding in the points of getting used to the element water, getting a basic knowledge of the fish, getting used to the egyptian „way of life“ and process all the impression. But it’s a lot of fun to learn and understand this beautiful environment.
Julien Ramon Rivera Gisge Julien Ramon Rivera Gisge Hello, my name is Julien Rivera and right now I‘m spending some exciting weeks in Dahab together with my fellow students from the “Hochschule-Anhalt” in Bernburg, Germany. With four other students from Bolivia, the Netherlands and Germany we live at the wonderful Guest House of the Red Sea Environmental Center (RSEC). While two of them are writing their Bachelor Thesis and the other ones attending an internship, we have the opportunity to take place in the “Winteracademy” from the RSEC which will be marked as an elective course at our university.
Normally one does not get in contact with corals reefs during the studies of landscape planning and nature conservation. But especially in this area of our environment the need of protection and conservation is huge. The biologists Nina Milton and Christian von Mach do great with their work at the RSEC, to spread knowledge and awareness about the irreplaceable meaning of coral reefs for the ecosystem of the oceans. We learn a lot here and the days go by very fast. There is still have of our time left and my expectations were already fulfilled.
A huge THANK YOU to the dream team consisting of Nina Milton from the RSEC and the Sinai Divers’ staff. Without them all this would not be possible.
Christoph Steinkopf Christoph Steinkopf Hello, my name is Christoph Steinkopf and I’m studying Nature conservation and Landscape planning in Bernburg a.d. Saale in Germany. I was lucky to get the opportunity to attend the elective course “applied reef ecology” with five students of my study course. Until now we have been over two weeks in Dahab and are able to experience one of the greatest and most exciting modules of our studies.
The time here in Dahab started for me with the Open Water Diver course, which took about a week. After finishing, we got some presentations with the most important information about the reef and its inhabitants. This knowledge about the ecosystem under water is of highest interest for the further investigations, like for my project and the reef check monitoring. In my project I observe the anemone fishes and their aggressive behavior towards intraspecific fishes, which do not belong to the own family.
Even though the impressions just around Bannerfish Bay would already be a lot to take in, we were able to do a camel trip to a bedouine summer village and got to know the fascinating coral reef there. At another day we had the chance to drive through the desert, close to the shore with a jeep, to see the mangroves and their surroundings in Nabq.
The following two and a half weeks are bound to offer some outstanding dives and fascinating nature experiences. All in all I will never forget the time here at the RSEC and I can just advise everybody to take the opportunity to start the journey and attend one of programs here.

Sergio Alejandro Urioste Daza

Sergio Alejandro Urioste Daza My name is Sergio Alejandro Urioste, 23 years old student from Cochabamba, Bolivia. I graduated from Environmental and Development Engineering at Zamorano University in Honduras, where I had my first experience with coral reefs during a coastal management class at the Mesoamerican Coral Reef in the island of Utila. After my graduation in 2014, I worked in environmental conservation and agriculture in Bolivia and as research assistance in the United States at the Louisiana State University and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. On my free time, I enjoy designing projects to implement low cost technologies to generate energy and strategies to mitigate the Climate Change. Currently, I am a student at the International Master in Rural Development Erasmus Program at Gent University in Belgium. I decided to be part of the RSEC volunteer program during this winter in order to learn more about the coral reefs monitoring and its protection, and contribute with the ongoing work and research at the RSEC.