RSEC Internships / conservation volunteering    

We offer

  • Practical Work Experience
  • Advanced Reef Biological Training
  • Participation in Conservation Projects
  • Realisation of Scientific Projects

The RSEC offers the chance to gain work experience, especially in a reef biological context, through volunteer work to young students (e.g. advanced undergraduate students) and others interested in marine biology. The volunteering can be organised for up to several months and can include participation in different nature conservation projects (see below) as well as in assistance with reef biological courses and excursions carried out by the RSEC. In addition, every volunteer may conduct his individual scientific study. The working plan for the volunteers will be arranged in accoradance with the permanent staff and will be adapted to the specific skills and knowledge of each person. The scientific projects, as well as the activities concerning reef protection are accomplished in cooporation with the headquaters of the national park (Nature Conservation Sector) of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).

Further information about the conservation projects: We especially  need volunteers for three of our nature conservation projects: (1) Dahab Reef Monitoring, (2) Coral Project Dahab,  and (3) Masbat Bay Conservation. Please see links for further information about our projects. The work focuses on projects which are also important to the national park headquaters and for coastal management.

Volunteers should be able to work independently, show initiative and be sociable. Good writing skills, fluency in English (and German) would be of advantage in order to help with project descriptions and documentations. The RSEC also needs help in administration and translation of reports and the website from German to English.

After succsesful completion of a volunteer period with the RSEC, we will certifiy the accomplished work.

Possible tasks for volunteers at the Red Sea Environmental Centre (RSEC) in Egypt

  • Participating in ‘RSEC Reef Monitoring Projects’ (extended Reef Check protocol), Coral Projects, Masbat Bay Conservation and local Reef Check activities
  • Implementation of a small scientific study
  • Assisting our reef-biological courses and seminars (long-term volunteers of 3 month or more)
  • Advanced biology trainings / further education with reef biology courses (with beneficial rates) at RSEC
  • Observation and documentation of violations (damage of coral colonies, illegal fishing etc)
  • Environmental Awareness projects
  • Dive buddy for MSc students or undergraduates
  • Assisting in updating the RSEC literature data base
  • Writing small reports and translations for our Website
  • Taking care of our scientific collection
  • Small jobs in maintenance and further establishment of the institution

For more information feel free to contact us: chrisvonmach(at)

Are you interested to combine an internship/conservation volunteering with one of our biocourses? Special rates for students available. Just ask us.


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