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Drupella cornus - a midget kills Coral Reefs

Climate changes and overfishing lead to a rapid spread of the coral-eating sea snail Drupella cornus in the Red Sea. However, not all coral species are equally affected. The stony corals of the genus Acropora seem to be preferentially eaten. The reason for these observations leads to many questions: Why is the stony coral preferred? What makes the difference to other genera? What can be done to protect the corals?
In order to start a research in this topic, Janina Goetz begun a crowdfunding project at Now she needs our support:  If she gathers a sum of 7500 € until the early October she can start her project in cooperation with the RSEC. The money is needed to fund her research in Dahab.

You can support Janina on and / or you can share the link with your friends. Please take a minute and keep a look at that project.

Drupella cornus


Janina Götz

Drupella cornus


Biodiversity projects

Biodiversity of Marine Sponges from the Red Sea

Biodiversity and Biogeography of Red Sea Holothurians

Biodiversity of the Dahab Marine Environment - Generation of Basic Information on Marine Flora and Fauna as well as Ecological Structures

Biodiversity and Biogeography of Red Sea Scleractinians


Meiobenthos project

An approach to quantify the benthic Meio-and Macrofauna in the region of Dahab City/Red Sea

Diversität von Indikatorfischtaxa im räumlichen Vergleich gezeigt anhand ausgewählter Tauchplätze der Korallenriffe um Dahab, Ägypten


Coral ecology

Analysis of Reef Check data from the Red Sea

Diversität von Indikatorfischtaxa im räumlichen Vergleich gezeigt anhand ausgewählter Tauchplätze der Korallenriffe um Dahab, Ägypten

„Identification and effects of herbivorous fish on algae growth on the reef-flat in the El-Quseir-Region (Red Sea, Egypt)“

Herbivory effects on benthic algal composition and growth on a coral reef flat in the Egyptian Red Sea






Fish ecology

Defecation behaviour of Ctenochaetus striatus as a strategy to avoid parasites

Effects of Ctenochaetus striatus' Defecation Behaviour on Coral Reefs' Endobenthic Meiofauna

A potential mutualism between the reef sweeper Ctenochaetus striatus and the territorial grazer Acanthurus sohal (Acanthuridae)

Characterisation of surgeonfish Ctenochaetus striatus defecation sites suggests possible functions of this behaviour

Habitat Preferences of Fish Assemblages in Masbat Bay, Dahab (Red Sea, Egypt)

Preferences in Habitat of Dominant Fish Species in Masbat Bay, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt

Cryptobenthic Fish of the El Quadim Bay, El Quseir, Egypt






Fossil reefs

Community Ecology of Pleistocene Reefs in around Dahab and in Ras Mohammed National Park (Egypt)


Behavioural studies

Increase of individual Prey Capture Rate based on Cooperation between the Peppered Moray (Muraenidae) and the Lyretail Grouper (Serranidae) in the Gulf of Aqaba/Red Sea

Aggression behaviour of Amphiprion bicinctus (the Red Sea Anemone fish) against anemone predators and its reaction on enemy schemes

  Amphiprion bicinctus

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