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Note: the following pages represents former research issues at RSEC. RSEC is not conducting any research lately.  
  General information:    
-> Instructions for submittance of a proposal of intended field work
-> Do you want to study at RSEC? (-> Roadmap)
-> Agreement for undergraduate and graduate students
-> Price list for your scientific stay at RSEC Fieldstation Dahab


Instructions for submittance of a proposal of intended field work in the South Sinai region

We are obliged to report both marine and terrestrial studies (individual projects or field courses) in this region to the National Parks of Egypt, South Sinai Sector, which are administrated by the Nature Conservation Sector at the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (NCS/EEAA). Before any field work in a National Park, Managed Resource Protected Area or Protected Coastal Area (e.g. Dahab) may be carried out, a proposal of the intended activities has to be submitted to the aforementioned authorities. The RSEC will assist by taking care for the necessary arrangements and mediate the exchange of this information between you as an applicant and the Egyptian authorities.

The proposal of an applicant, i.e. a scientific guest (e.g. professor, research associate or assistant, MSc or PhD student) or student group (class) at the RSEC should contain the following:

Names and addresses of involved scientists, supervisors and students
Scheduled period of time for the study at the RSEC field station in Dahab
Title of field project or scientific work proposed
Objectives of the project. Here it is advisable to stress the value and concern of the project in relation to environmental protection and conservation issues.
Investigation site(s)
Description of (in-situ) observations and experiments to be carried out, including methods to be used (in sufficient detail), and the possible requirement of samples from the environment (collections)

In order to minimize delays and to facilitate the process of the application we suggest to use the following eMail address: office.dahab(at) On receipt, we will register the proposal in our files and – after some revision if necessary - forward it to the National Parks of Egypt (at NCS/EEAA).

Deadline for proposal
In order to allow for efficient processing of a submitted proposal - before the study actually starts! - the proposal should be received by the RSEC around 8 weeks before the actual start of the field work.

The applicant will also have to sign an agreement between the RSEC as host institution and the scientific guest responsible for the field project (i.e. usually the applicant). The form for this document will also be found on the RSEC-website and is to be signed by both parties.

Roadmap to the RSEC for scientific guests

What we need from you for your stay – here is an overview:

  1. Application with cover letter and CV (curriculum vitae)
  1. Project proposal: to be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of your field study (in English). Contains project description, work- and time schedule and list of required materials/equipment.
  1. Contract in writing: between the RSEC and you as a scientific guest. Establishes the conditions for your stay including the fees for the use of RSEC facilities and guidance.
  1. Letter of agreement: between the National Parks of Egypt and you as a scientific guest. Establishes the conditions and regulations for your scientific field stay.

Any questions, problems…?
Don’t hesitate to ask us at the Red Sea Environmental Centre – we’re here to help you out!

Red Sea Environmental Centre

Christian von Mach - Coordinator

Email: chrisvonmach(at)

Phone: +49-611-97144272 (Office Germany)

Mobile: +49-15117862757 (Germany)


Nina Milton - Manager RSEC fieldstation Dahab

Mobile: +20-1064258341

Office mobile: +20-1007847500

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