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Interaction and communication! Who is doing it with who and why? Signals, colour changes, cooperation …

When: See our annual program. With a minimum of 4 participants anytime by arrangement!

Topics: More interesting topics are found in our 2-weeks courses:

  • Coral Reef Adventure
  • Best Of Sinai
  • The World of Corals
  • Sharks and rays – The Sixth Sense!

upcoming courses:

11. - 25. February 2017 Coral Reef Adventure - 2-weeks course on biology and ecology of coral reefs; suitable for graduate and undergraduate biology students as well as newbie’s! 2 weeks – incl. accommodation, 20 dives, airport shuttle, 1 boat trip 780,- € (Snorkeller 470 €).

4. - 18. March 2017  Best of Sinai - Expedition - 2 weeks with a lot of reef biology, desert, culture, trips to Nabq protectorate (mangrove and dune systems) and Ras Mohamed National Park, under Guidance of RSEC-Biologists! – incl. accommodation, airport shuttles, 20 Dives & 3 daily trips 920,- € (Snorkeller 600 €)



Coral Reef Adventure - 15.-29.9.2011 - from participant Johanna Fischer

We have two exciting weeks of marine biology behind us. During the first dives we were really amazed by the fish diversity and their beautiful colours. Before and after the dives we discussed with Christian topics such as fish ID, coral ID, seagrass meadows, and invertebrates, as well as fish behaviour. Thus, after a few days we were able to determine many fish and coral species. During our observational dives we examined the blue streak cleaner wrasse and clownfish (“Nemos”) at the local reef a bit closer and we did some observations on their strong territorial behaviour towards us uninvited guests and toward other fish species. Encounters with green sea turtles, small rays, e.g. blue spotted sting ray, octopus and brightly coloured jellyfish were some highlights.

Another highlight was the fluorescence night dive: equipped with blue light torches and filters on the mask we made our way to admire fluorescent organisms. And we could actually see the green fluorescent protein in the star gazers, sepia or sand roses. After this course one thing for me is for sure: life in all its beauty had its origin in the sea!






Abenteuer Korallenriff

Abenteuer Korallenriff