Information about our RSEC fieldstation Dahab :

Our program offers the opportunity to experience and learn about marine environments and ecology of the coral reefs. The biological entertainment and education of snorkellers and divers is a vital part of our activities. Visitors and divers find us at Sinai Divers Backpackers in Masbat Bay (150 m north of the bridge)

We offer a variety of courses and lectures for scuba divers, snorkelers or otherwise interested persons:

For divers and snorkellers we offer:

Ecological diving (EcoDiving)

Reef biological guided Dive (BioGuiding)

Fluorescent night dive

Reef Check Trainings

and courses from 1 day to 2 weeks - go to our main page of bio courses





Students (and non-students) have the chance to

  • carry out their Bachelor, Master or student research projects under general supervision.
  • participate in environmental or research projects within an internship at RSEC to gain experience in practical work and knowledge
  • Junior- and senior scientist may conduct scientific projects with the logistic help of the scientists running the field station.

Literature at the RSEC Field Station (Dahab):

Books (german):

  • Allgemeine Mirkobiologie
  • Das Mittelmeer I - Allgemeiner Teil HOFRICHTER
  • Das Mittelmeer II – Bestimmungsführer HOFRICHTER
  • Die Welt der Korallen LOYA & KLEIN
  • DTV-Atlas der Biologie 3 Bände
  • Erlebte Unterwasserwelt - WEINBERG
  • Fische und Korallen des Roten Meeres – MOJETTA
  • Fischführer Indo-Pazifik DEBELIUS
  • Gifte im Riff            - MEBBS
  • Korallen – Ein Bestimmungsbuch SPRUNG
  • Korallenführer Indo-Pazifik - ERHARDT & KNOPP
  • Krebsführer weltweit DEBELIUS
  • Kurzes Lehrbuch der Zoologie – STORCH & WELCH
  • Korallenfische der Welt - LIESKE & MYERS
  • Leitfaden für das Zoologische Praktikum – KÜKENTHAL
  • Muscheln & Schnecken DANCE 1994
  • Niedere Meerestiere – SCHUMACHER & HINTERKIRCHER
  • Riff-Führer Rotes MeerLIESKE & MYERS
  • Riff-Führer Rotes Meer - DEBELIUS
  • Ökologie – MÜLLER
  • Schneckenführer Indo-Pazifik DEBELIUS
  • Stoffwechselphysiologie der Tiere – CLEFFMANN

Books (english):

  • Acanthaster planci - Major Management Problem of Coral Reefs
  • An Updated Classification of Recent Crustacea MARTIN & DAVIS
  • Biological Nanostructures and Applications of Nanostructures STROSCIO & DUTTA
  • Birds of Egypt and the Middle East PORTER & COTTRIDGE
  • Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific VERON 1986
  • Corals of the World VERON 2000
  • Corals of the World WOOD 1983
  • Dynamics of marine Ecosystems – MANN & LAZIA
  • Ecology of the Cambrian Radiation ZHURAVLEV & RIDING
  • Encyclopaedia of Marine Sciences
  • Field Guide to the Reef-building corals of the Indo-Pacific DITLEV 1980
  • Henderson’s Dictionary of Biological Terms LAWRENCE
  • Integrated Principles of Zoology HICKMANN, ROBERTS & LARSON
  • Invertebrate Zoology BARNES
  • Marine Ecological Processes – VALIELA
  • Marine Invertebrate Biology Laboratory Manual HENTSCHEL
  • Red Sea Reef Fishes RANDALL
  • Reports on the stony corals from the Red Sea SCHEER & PILLAI 1983
  • Soft Corals & Sea Fans FABRICIUS-ALDERSLADE 2000
  • Staghorn corals of the world WALLACE 1999
  • The Hamlyn Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils HAMILTON, WOOLEY, BISHOP
  • The Nature of Design – Ecology, Culture and Human Intention ORR

Reviews & articles:

  • Beiträge zur Systematik und Ökologie der Xeniidae (Octocorallia: Aclyonacea) des Roten Meeres REINICKE
  • Coral Reefs Research Methods UNESCO
  • Corals and Coral Communities of Arabia. SHEPPARD & SHEPPARD
  • Community structure and biogeography of shore fishes in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea KHALAF & KOCHZIUS
  • Major Reef-building Coral Diseases
  • Usw.

In addition we have approximately 500 publications about different topics mainly concerning the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba.



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