Presently working at / for RSEC fieldstation Dahab:
  Nina Milton  

MSc Biologist Nina Milton

Coordinator RSEC Dahab

Nina Milton is with RSEC since February 2008. She is supervising our volunteers and scientific guests during their stay and work in Dahab. She is also conducting most of our marine biological courses. She has a MSc degree in marine biology from the University of Oslo (Norway). In 2005 she carried out fieldwork for her Master thesis on coral reefs outside Hurghada city coast where she looked at damage to hard corals by snorkelers.


Email: nina.milton(at)


  Robert Hofrichter  

Dr. Robert Hofrichter

Initiator, scientific advisor

Dr. Robert Hofrichter, MSc, zoologist/biologist, is of Austrian nationality. He is author and editor of numerous books (biological and cultural topics), among them the 3-volume encyclopaedia “The Mediterranean”. He is a freelance scientific associate of the Zoological Institute at Salzburg University and lecturer at the Institute for Marine Biology on Giglio Island (Italy). He is also a freelance journalist and distinguished nature photographer. Robert Hofrichter is founder and president of the Austrian NGO “Forum Natur und Zukunft” and in 2002 initiated the “Sinai Environmental Centre”, which is now the "Red Sea Environmental Centre”.



  Christina Ewerhardy  

Christina Ewerhardy

Assistent RSEC Dahab

Hi, my name is Christina. I studied Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution at Göttingen University in Germany with a focus on plant ecology and ecosystem research. Besides, I´m interested in marine biology, biodiversity, nature conservation and environmental education. I did several research assistant jobs during and after my degree focusing on plant ecology, plant-pollinator-interactions, and vegetation analysis. I really enjoyed learning different approaches and methods and getting to know other countries and cultures.
But I never forgot about marine biology. I´m diving since 2009 and I assisted in projects regarding coral diversity and ecosystem research. I´m always keen to learn more about marine life and enjoy teaching people and having the opportunity to show this amazing world underwater.

Email: christina.ewerhardy(at)

  Christina Braoun  

Christina Braoun

Assistent RSEC Dahab

Christina recently joined RSEC as a marine biologist with expertise on coral reef ecology. She studied in the program "Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology" at the Free University of Berlin and for her Master thesis, supported by National Geographic, she traveled to the beautiful Island of Borneo to conduct research on turbid coral reef communities. After her studies, she started working for the Mare-Mundi station on Crete and the dive center Dive2gether, investigating changes in important ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea and kicking off ecotourism projects in cooperation with the local community. Her passion for corals, however, brought her to the Red Sea for 2 months where she aims to educate divers and students and raise their awareness about those unique but vulnerable underwater cities.