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The RSEC is located in Dahab at the South Sinai Peninsula, 90 km northeast from Sharm-El-Sheikh. Our organisation provides training in marine biology, underwater survey techniques and scientific diving skills. A varied course program is suitable for each divers and snorkelers, student or not. These reef biological courses stretches from our popular fluorescent night dive (blue lights) to 3 day Reef Check EcoDiver training up to 1- and 2-weeks courses. Our fieldstation is equipped with 3 classrooms including optical and technical devicesdry and wet laboratories and a library. We are proposing excursions for international institutes, universities and schools. RSEC can arrange supervision and logistic support for coral reef research in Sinai and the Red Sea starting from bachelor to graduate. With our Conservation Volunteering program we help preserving one of the richest marine environments on Earth with the support of local and international volunteers. Undergraduate Students can get hands-on experience in coral reef survey methods and ecological funtions. Our fully-equipped oriental-style RSEC Guesthouse can harbour up to 12 persons.

Our center is located on the Roof Top of Sinai Divers Backpackers in the Masbat bay in Dahab. For our scientific guests and conservation volunteers we have a office directly by the sea with 10 workspaces and a small library.


The location of the field station close to the sea (Masbat bay) is perfect for coral reef research and conservation work. Here we have several habitats like sandy bottom, seagrass beds, algae zone, patch reef and fringing reef in front of our doorstep. On top the sea is most sheltered on this area of the bay.


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Contact and reference person at our fieldstation Dahab:

MSc Biologist Christian von Mach

RSEC Fieldstation coordinator

Christian von Mach is the coordinator of RSEC. He is a biologist and a coral specialist. His experience as bio dive guide and ambitious UW-photographer let him become an excellent connoisseur of the Red Sea coral reefs and its inhabitants. He is not permanent but temporarily at the fieldstation and otherwise working in RSEC Office in Germany and coordinating the actitivites from there. He is mainly giving 2 weeks courses, Reef Check and Conservation Project Training as well as supervising scientific guests and university groups.

Email: chrisvonmach(at)

Office Germany: +49-611-97144272 or +49-611-88028048

Mobile Germany: +49-15117862757

Mobile Egypt: +20-1003622949

Fax: +49-61194911887


MSc Biologist Nina Milton

Manager RSEC Fieldstation Dahab

Nina Milton is with RSEC since February 2008. She is supervising our volunteers and scientific guests during their stay and work in Dahab. She is also conducting most of our marine biological courses. She has a MSc degree in marine biology from the University of Oslo (Norway). In 2005 she carried out fieldwork for her Master thesis on coral reefs outside Hurghada city coast where she looked at damage to hard corals by snorkelers.

Email: nina.milton(at)

Mobile: +20-1064258341


RSEC Office Dahab

Email: office.dahab(at)

RSEC Office mobile: +20-1007847500

RSEC-House mobile: +20-1019539381

Skype: rsec-office-dahab



Christian von Mach

Christian von Mach

Nina Milton

Nina Milton


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