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Robert Hofrichter


Dr. Robert Hofrichter

Initiator, scientific advisor

Dr. Robert Hofrichter, MSc, zoologist/biologist, is of Austrian nationality. He is author and editor of numerous books (biological and cultural topics), among them the 3-volume encyclopaedia “The Mediterranean”. He is a freelance scientific associate of the Zoological Institute at Salzburg University and lecturer at the Institute for Marine Biology on Giglio Island (Italy). He is also a freelance journalist and distinguished nature photographer. Robert Hofrichter is founder and president of the Austrian NGO “Forum Natur und Zukunft” and in 2002 initiated the “Sinai Environmental Centre”, which is now the "Red Sea Environmental Centre”.




Christian Alter

MSc Biologist Christian von Mach

RSEC Coordinator

Christian von Mach is the coordinator of RSEC. He is a biologist and a coral specialist. His experience as bio dive guide and ambitious UW-photographer let him become an excellent connoisseur of the Red Sea coral reefs and its inhabitants. He is not permanent but temporarily at the fieldstation and otherwise working in RSEC Office in Germany and coordinating the actitivites from there. He is mainly giving 2 weeks courses, Reef Check and Conservation Project Training as well as supervising scientific guests and university groups.


Email: chrisvonmach(at)


Nina Milton

MSc Biologist Nina Milton

Manager RSEC Fieldstation Dahab

Nina Milton is with RSEC since February 2008. She is supervising our volunteers and scientific guests during their stay and work in Dahab. She is also conducting most of our marine biological courses. She has a MSc degree in marine biology from the University of Oslo (Norway). In 2005 she carried out fieldwork for her Master thesis on coral reefs outside Hurghada city coast where she looked at damage to hard corals by snorkelers.


Email: nina.milton(at)

  Sabine Weidlich  

Sabine Weidlich

Assistent RSEC Fieldstation Dahab

Hi, my name is Sabine! I am a student of Biology from Salzburg, currently gaining some great hands-on experience on marine biology and scientific research and teaching at RSEC station in Dahab, Egypt. My first weeks here in Dahab mainly consisted of lots of diving and getting to know the local reef fauna and flora, and next to my own scientific project about excessive algae-growth at coral reef sites I tried as best as possible to understand and learn about Red Sea marine organisms, their behaviour and ecosystems, so as to be able to pass it on to the students of 2017/18 Winter Academy. Since I found great pleasure in Dahab’s surrounding nature and landscape and also enjoy working with students and all those who are interested in marine biology, I decided to spend more time here in Dahab over the next years, working in an assisting position with field biologist Nina. My wish is to help people understand the complex processes and interactions of Red Sea coral reefs, shining a light onto an environment so colourful and enchanting one never gets bored observing.

Email: sabine.weidlich(at)


Jana Hildebrand

Jana Hildebrand


Jana is a student of Coastal and Marine Management with a focus on Marine Biology in the Netherlands. She first worked as a volunteer at RSEC in the summer of 2012. Later she assisted several projects in Dahab. She is a passionate diver and Divemaster. Jana takes a great interest in coral research and conservation. Furthermore, she loves to pass on her knowledge to others.


Email: jana(at)